Volkswagen Amarok Accessories, VW Amarok Accessories

Volkswagen Amarok Accessories 2023

  • Made in Britain
  • OEM Quality
  • No drilling required
  • Transferable between vehicles

Gearmate provides an all-encompassing choice of VW Amarok accessories and storage solutions formulated and made in the UK. Solutions that will remodel your 4X4 load bed such as:

  • Drawer System
  • Bed Slide
  • Hardtop
  • Dog Box
  • Tool storage
  • Gun Drawer

Fashioned entirely for the VW Amarok, our inventive no-drill installation process poses no risk to your manufacturer’s vehicle warranty as well as making it possible to transfer the system between vehicles if required. Our systems are able to fit into the older VW Amarok’s as well as the new. Click here to see our factory and manufacturing process.

VW Amarok Drawer System
Dog Box
VW Amarok Accessories

Modular, Simple & Unique VW Amarok Accessories

Regardless of whether you want to modify a fleet or are seeking an exclusive vehicle installation, Gearmate has a wide-ranging class of storage options. Light aluminium drawers guard and preserve your items and minimise any additional weight to the vehicle, while Gearslides trays allow for superb access and keep everything orderly.

All Geardrawers have an incredible 100% extension, enabling quick and easy access to all your items. Each drawer system comes fitted with dividers to ensure your load stays secure and organised, saving you time from needlessly searching.

When closed, our bed slides have an immense 800kg load rating, so there is no need to remove the system when using your vehicle to carry the heaviest of loads. With a 400kg Capacity Extended Load Rating, you can be confident that your load will be safely and securely accessed with ease.

Our modular systems can be custom-made to your distinct needs. Further racking, tailgate covers, dog boxes, narrow slides and hammocks for VW Amarok accessories, means we have you covered whatever your need.

Tool Storage
Half Slide & Half Drawer Split System

high quality

Made in Britain with superior quality materials.

no drilling

Hassle free installation with no damage caused.

save time

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.

secure storage

Have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe.


Easily transferred between vehicles if required.

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