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75% extension

All our slides offer an effective solution to accessing your load space. Never crawl into the back of your bed again. Your entire load space is brought to you with the Gearslide’s and T-Slide 75% extension.

heavy loads

When closed, both units have an immense 800kg load rating, so there is no need to remove the system when using your vehicle to carry the heaviest of loads. With a 400kg Capacity Extended Load Rating, you can be confident that your load will be safely and securely accessed with ease.

secure and safe

Security features include a hand operated locking lever with 4 incremental locking positions between closed and fully extended. Re-positionable eye bolts connecting to both extrusion rails, ensure your load can be fully secured. Gearslide’s are designed to be fully compatible with Gearmate’s range of accessories.

high quality

Made in Britain with superior quality materials.

no drilling

Hassle free installation with no damage caused.

save time

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.

secure storage

Have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe.


Easily transferred between vehicles if required.


The Gearslide offers an effective solution to accessing your load space. Practicality and flexibility are improved beyond recognition. Never crawl into the back of your bed again.
All Gearslide’s are finished with a durable rubber chequer plate surface.

Width x Depth* x Height (mm)
1024 x 1340 x 136

*Depth may vary between vehicles

t slide

Shaped to the contours of each truck bed, Gearmate’s T-Slide utilises the maximum width of the available bed area.
The T-Slide is finished with durable, rubberised chequer plate for easy cleaning.

Width* x Depth* x Height (mm)
1290 x 1340 x 100 / 175

*Sizes vary between vehicles

top slides

Can’t decide if you want Gear Drawers or a Slide? Don’t compromise when you can have both! We can put Slides on top of Drawers ensuring you maximise the potential of the space in your vehicle. Whether it be a full Slide, or a Narrow Slide combined with our range of System Accessories.

This is available for Pick-ups, SUVs and Vans.

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