Mercedes X-Class Accessories – Drawers, Hardtops and more from Gearmate

Mercedes X Class Accessories

  • Made in Britain
  • OEM Quality
  • No drilling required
  • Transferable between vehicles
Gearmate provides a comprehensive series of Mercedes X Class accessories and storage solutions. Developed and fabricated in the UK, they offer the ultimate answer for 4X4 load bed storage and include:

  • Mercedes X Class Drawer System
  • Mercedes X Class Bed Slide
  • Mercedes X Class Hardtop
  • Mercedes X Class Dog Box
  • Mercedes X Class Tool Storage
  • Mercedes X Class Gun Drawer

Devised for the Mercedes X Class double cab, our intelligent no-drill system can be installed to your off-road vehicle without risk to the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty.

Mercedes X Class Drawer System
Twin Drawer
Tool Storage

Modular, Simple & Unique

Gearmate’s wide-ranging storage products feature tough aluminium drawers with 100% extension and bed slides with 75% extension, click here to see our factory and manufacturing process. Whether used in fleets or a personally owned vehicle, they keep your items well protected, neatly organised with effortless access.

A popular choice amongst our wide variety of X Class storage options would be our Geardrawers, with their impressive 800kg deck load capacity and 100% extension. Choosing Gear Drawers makes it easy to organise your gear and increase productivity, not to mention it looks sophisticated too.

Another popular choice for Mercedes X Class is our T Slides and Gearslides, with 800kg load capacity when closed and 400kg extended load capacity. Our bed slides allow you to access your gear with ease and avoid crawling into the back of your truck bed.

Our core items can be perfectly combined with a variety of racking, tailgate covers, narrow slides, dog boxes and hammocks, we provide a wide variety of Mercedes X Class accessories.

Tool Storage
Wheel Arch Surrounds

high quality

Made in Britain with superior quality materials.

no drilling

Hassle free installation with no damage caused.

save time

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.

secure storage

Have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe.


Easily transferred between vehicles if required.

Design Your Own System

Try out our Build Your Own feature today and trial our variety of modular storage options. Discover the right solution for you whilst also viewing the prices. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our sales team who are skilled and experienced in helping customers find the best Gearmate system for them.

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