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We provide a full range of high quality 4×4 accessories for your pickup truck to maximise your storage capacity and make your vehicle more accessible for all your off road needs. We are the experts in 4×4 accessories, offering practical solutions for your load space enabling you to easily access your equipment and keep your items safe and secure on every journey.

Our experienced and friendly team of staff can offer advice to help you choose the most effective 4×4 accessories for your individual needs. Our 4×4 accessories are suitable for heavy-duty use and undergo stringent vehicle testing to ensure that they are safe and constructed to a high standard.

4×4 Accessories & Parts:

  • Dog box – Transport your dog safely with our 4×4 dog box. Excellent for securing your household pet or working dog in your vehicle.
  • Racking – Gull wing windows have been specially designed to give maximum access to your equipment.
  • Narrow slide – An easy way of effectively accessing your load space.
  • Infill pods – An Infill-Pod will extend the deck area to provide additional storage. The Front Locking Infill-pods keep items secure. The Open Top Infill-Pods keep items neatly in place and are easy to access.
  • Wheel Arch Surrounds – Extend the deck area with our wheel arch surrounds which provide additional storage space.
  • Tailgate Gap Flap – Prevent items from dropping into the gap between the truck bed and tailgate with a tailgate flap.

Why choose Gearmate for your 4×4 accessories?

  • We are very competitively priced
  • We provide high quality and fully tested accessories
  • Our specialist staff can offer advice and assistance
  • Our accessories fit perfectly onto your 4×4 vehicle