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Gearmate are British manufacturers and suppliers of pick up accessories and truck bed organisers. Our truck bed sliding trays and sliding drawers are designed to be sleek and stylish while offering secure storage and easy access to all of your tools and equipment.
With over 20 years of experience supplying the automotive sector, Gearmate use the latest technology and machinery to produce extendable pick up truck accessories which slide out effectively, allowing you to reach everything safely.


Gearslide is a sturdy extendable load area tray which means you’ll never have to crawl into the back of your pick up truck bed again. Gearslide improves your productivity and safety, increasing the capacity of your truck and allowing you to access your load with ease.

Advantages of Gearslide:

  • Security features include an integrated locking system
  • Re-positionable eye bolts connecting to both extrusion rails to secure your load
  • Your entire load space is brought to you with the Gearslide's 75% extension
  • 800kg load rating when closed
  • 400kg capacity extended load rating
  • Finished with a durable rubber chequer plate slip resistant surface
  • Alternative surface options such as Raptor durable bedliner and protective coating
  • Gearslides are fully compatible with all of Gearmates range of accessories
  • Exceptional British Build Quality
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Easy to fit, with no need to drill into your truck bed
  • Gliding action – it can be operated with one hand
  • Easy access from either side of the truck bed
  • Transferable from one truck to another

Gear Drawers

Gear Drawers are revolutionary truck bed organisers which transform your load space into a very convenient sliding drawer. Items can be stored safely and efficiently - ideal for professional and leisure use.

  • Gear Drawers have an incredible 100% extension
  • Drawer dividers are fitted to ensure your load stays secure and organised
  • Various drawer size options available
  • 800kg loading capacity on each drawer system deck
  • Each drawer has a 150kg extended load capacity
  • All drawers are lockable as standard
  • Bespoke options, foam inserts and pick up truck accessories available
  • High quality British Designed and Manufactured product

Gearmate combination

This Gearmate system gives you the best of both worlds by combining the Gearslide-deck on top with the Gear Drawers below, to give you the maximum access to your load space while keeping special items secure in the drawers beneath.
The Gearmate Combination system is your ultimate truck bed organiser, giving users the maximum versatility, working alongside all Gear Drawer systems, for maximum load space utilisation and optimum access.
The Gearslide-deck features:

  • 150kg capacity when fully extended
  • 400kg capacity when closed
  • 2 Locking positions for security
  • Added safety release catch to open and close
  • Optional Gearmate infill-pods to maximise the storage potential of your load space

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High quality British Designed and Manufactured product

Work smart and keep your items protected

Easy to fit, with no need to drill into your bed

Transferable from one truck to another

UK Patent Pending, Application Number 1710074.4

Fleet Enquiries

Many of our fleet customers require additional bespoke products for their needs. Our design team is on hand to ensure you are provided with the exact design and functionality your system demands.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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