Ineos Grenadier Accessories and Storage Solutions by Gearmate

Gearmate – Ineos Grenadier accessories

  • Made in Britain
  • OEM Quality
  • No drilling required
  • Transferable between vehicles
Gearmate offers a comprehensive selection of Ineos Grenadier Accessories and storage solutions crafted in the UK. These include innovative solutions to transform your 4X4 load bed, such as:

  • Drawer System
  • Gearslide Top
  • Dog Box
  • Tool Storage
  • Gun Drawer

Our unique installation process, which requires no drilling, ensures that your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty remains intact and allows for system transfer between vehicles as needed. Our systems are compatible with the older and newer Ineos Grenadier models. Visit our website to view our factory and production processes.

VW Amarok Accessories
Dog Box
VW Amarok Drawer System

2023 Modular, Simple & Unique Ineos Grenadier Accessories

Whether you are customising your vehicle for leisure and or play, Gearmate provides a broad array of storage solutions. Lightweight aluminium drawers protect your belongings while adding minimal weight to the vehicle, adding a Gearslide top to the deck of your Ineos drawers can provide additional access and organisation to your Ineos Grenadier.

All Geardrawers feature a 100% extension, offering quick and straightforward access to your items. Each drawer system is equipped with dividers to keep your load secure and organised, thus saving time you might otherwise spend searching.

Our modular systems for the Ineos Grenadier can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additional dog beds, dog boxes, Gearslide tops can be added to your Ineos Grenadier accessories drawers, providing the best solution for your Ineos Grenadier.

Tool Storage
Half Slide & Half Drawer Split System

high quality

Made in Britain using top-quality materials.

no drilling

Hassle-free installation without any damage.

save time

Organise once and save hours.

secure storage

Ensure the safety of your belongings.


Systems can be easily moved between vehicles if needed.

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