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100% extension

All Gear Drawers have an incredible 100% extension, enabling quick and easy access to all your items. Each drawer system comes fitted with dividers to ensure your load stays secure and organised, saving you time from needlessly searching.

strong and robust

Choose between our Single or Twin drawers without compromising your load space. Our drawer systems are designed to be tough, offering up to 800kg loading capacity on each drawer system deck.

secure storage

All drawers are lockable as standard. If you require additional security due to the nature of your items such as firearms or high-value kit, enquire with us now for full details of available options.

high quality

Made in Britain with superior quality materials.

no drilling

Hassle free installation with no damage caused.

save time

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.

secure storage

Have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe.


Easily transferred between vehicles if required.

standard drawers

Gearmate’s range of drawers revolutionize your load space. Items can be stored safely and efficiently, ideal for professional and leisure use.

heavy duty drawers

Our Heavy Duty Drawers have stronger runners, allowing you to double your load capacity, from 75kg to 150kg. For those transporting heavier equipment, this is the ideal solution for you. Available in 300mm and 400mm for Single or Twin Drawers.

drawers for suvs

Up to 100% extendable drawer with adjustable drawer dividers, we have created the perfect system to fit in your SUV. Optional telescopic storage compartment with lockable door, ideal for guns. Lightweight aluminum construction with rubber anti-slip surface. Compatible
with our range of dog boxes and narrow slide to make the most of your SUV.

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