Whatever you use your Defender 90 for, We’ve got you covered

We’ve designed the ideal system to fit in your Land Rover Defender 90 with a fully extendable drawer and changeable drawer dividers. To make your day-to-day tasks easier, we’ve created the perfect solutions to fit in your Land Rover Defender 90.

Our Defender 90 systems offer secure storage, allowing you to make sure that your belongings are safeguarded both while you’re driving and after you depart your vehicle.

The Defender slides are the ideal way to make the most of your space. You won’t ever need to reach into the back of your Defender 90 again.

The Defender 90 accessories can be customised to suit your way of life. Each product has passed the highest quality standards, has undergone comprehensive testing for usage with big loads, and is road-worthy.

Defender 90 Racking System

For neatly and securely stacking equipment, commodities, and supplies, our Defender 90 racking system is the ideal storage option. You can alter the shelf height to suit your needs thanks to the adjustable features. The 60kg loading capacity allows you to add a significant amount of load without compromising space.

Our brand-new Defender 90 rear door table is the perfect addition for multi-purpose use. The table can function as an extra worktop and provides additional prep space for all of your requirements. The table attaches easily to the Defender door and collapses for space to hold tools, drinks, or other essentials.

Please call our sales staff at 01789 595 200 if you have any questions about the Defender 90 accessories we offer. They can consult with you and give suggestions on how to customise your Defender 90 so that it works best for you.