A system that will suit your Defender 110 - Gearmate Accessories

We’ve designed the ideal solution to fit in your Land Rover Defender 110, making daily duties easier for you. You can personalise the Defender 110 accessories to fit your lifestyle. Each product is road-worthy, has been extensively tested for heavy loaded use, and is completed to the highest standards of excellence.

You can maximise the height space in the back of your Defender 110 with the help of our 60 kg loading capacity, adjustable shelf. If floor space is what you want to utilise, the Defender 110 drawers or slide system with 200kg load capacity could be for you. You can double your space in your Defender 110 and save the inconvenience of having to reach items from the back by adding the extensions.

Our Defender 110 systems provide lockable storage so you can ensure your goods are protected while you’re driving and once you’ve left your vehicle.

Our optional dog box with locking door is a perfect addition for keeping your canine safe and secure in your Defender 110. It features a quick attachment and removal to the drawers so can be removed with ease on the days it isn’t needed, so space isn’t compromised.

Defender Systems

Our brand-new Defender Rear Door table is the ideal new feature for your Defender 110. To install the Defender Rear Door Table, no drilling or modifications to your door trim are required. The table provides additional preparation space for all your needs. The table easily attaches to the Defender door and collapses for use of your tools, beverages, or other necessities.

If you have any queries about the Defender 110 accessories we offer, please contact our sales team at 01789 595 200. They can offer advice and talk with you about tailoring your Defender 110 to best suit you.