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Proprietors of both new and older Ford Ranger models have a plethora of options to choose from at Gearmate, ranging from drawers to slides – there is something for everyone.

Gearmate have been designing and manufacturing Ford Ranger Accessories for years, helping customers make their lives easier. Our modular storage systems allow you to customise your Ford Ranger so that it meets all of your demands.

Read this write-up to see our #6 Top Ford Ranger Accessories.

  • Ford Ranger Drawer System
  • Ford Ranger Slide
  • Ford Ranger Dog Box
  • Ford Ranger Tool Storage
  • Ford Ranger Gun Drawer
  • Ford Ranger Gear Deck

Ford Ranger Gear Deck

Pick-up truck owners can now order the highly anticipated Gear Deack, the innovative alternative to the hardtop. The Gear Deck improves the appearance of their vehicle while also increasing the load carrying capacity of the truck bed.

Gearmate’s Gear Deck are ideal for individuals, businesses, fleet companies and more, that turn the pick-up into a workhorse, Gear Decks are a great way to personalise your truck too.

Ford Ranger Slide

Whether you’re looking for a fleet conversion or an individual fit out, Gearmate have an extensive range of storage solutions. Our lightweight aluminium drawers ensure your load is kept safe and secure, whilst our Gearmate’s range of sliding trays keep all your items organised and with easy access.

Our Gearslides range has up to 75% extension, 800kg weight capacity when closed and 400kg when extended, meaning there is no need to remove the system when carrying the heaviest of loads.

Ford Ranger Dog Box

Gearmate also offers quality and affordable transportation solutions for the dog lovers. The Ford Ranger dog boxes are designed to keep your dogs safe and comfortable during transit, while keeping your Ford clean and tidy.

Ford Ranger Drawer System

Most Ford Ranger owners find it difficult to keep their pickup’s load bed tidy, organised and accessible. The Ford Ranger Drawer system is a popular, transformative pick-up truck upgrade that allows you to maximise the truck bed area with accessible, ergonomic drawer storage – while retaining full use of the truck bed area.

Gearmate gives you clean, adjustable storage space that is great for tools, sports equipment or shopping, with full-length drawers that glide out at waist height. The durable system is made of high-density polyethylene and is Ford Ranger-specific. It mounts to existing truck bed tie downs allowing for easy, no-drill installation.

The drawer sits 12-inches tall and is usually combined with a Ford Ranger Gear Deck, giving you all the benefits of organised drawer storage as well as a super-strong platform with a 1-tonne load grade. This protects the truck bed of your Ranger with supplementary tie down systems usable for delicate freight.

Ford Ranger Tool Storage

A Ranger accessory that will make you wonder how you coped before! Convert the back of your cab into a storage system with drawer space. Gearmate provides a range of 100 percent customisable storage options for your Ford like the Ford Ranger tool storage.

Even better, the no-drill system can be installed on your off-road truck without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty, and it has an amazing weight capacity on deck.

Ford Ranger Gun Drawer

Wish to travel securely with your guns and have no fear of leaving them in your Ford while you nip into the store on your way to shoot? Gearmate offers an extremely secure Ford Ranger gun drawer that keeps guns organised & away from prying eyes. It comes with lockable sliding drawers for easy but secure access and it can be easily installed with no drilling or cutting.

Gearmate have been designing and manufacturing Ford Ranger Accessories for years, helping customers make their lives easier. So visit our website and start personalising your Ford Ranger today!

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