Gearmate and Ford Ranger Accessories, Narrow Slides, Racking

Gearmate have been designing and manufacturing Ford Ranger Accessories for years, helping customers make their lives easier. Our modular storage systems allow you to customise your Ford Ranger to be exactly how you need it, so that it meets all of your demands.

Make the most of your Ford Ranger load space

The Ford Ranger Pickup allows you travel in both comfort and style, as well as being a reliable, robust vehicle for professional use. Whatever you’re using your load space for, Gearmate have Ford Ranger Accessories such as Drawers, Slides, Racking, Dog Boxes and more, so you pick and choose the elements you need to enhance your load space. We have designed and developed unique bracket systems, by using 3D scan data of the Ford Ranger bed and locating the tie-down points. This means the system requires a straight-forward, hassle-free installation with no risk of endangering the Ford vehicle warranty.

 Feel secure with Gear Drawers

Are you transporting valuable gear and in need of some peace of mind? All of our Gear Drawers are designed and manufactured to be lockable, providing you with security when leaving gear in your Ford Ranger. Another key benefit of Gear Drawers is the 150kg load capacity, with our robust materials and runners you can continue to load and unload heavier gear to and from your Ford Ranger.

Another popular choice for our Ford Ranger customers is our Heavy-Duty Drawers. Manufactured with stronger runners so if you often transport significantly heavier equipment, this is the perfect solution for you. These are available as GM300and GM400 for Single or Twin Drawers.

Make life easier with Slides

Protect your knees and back by investing in a Gearmate Slide, you’ll never need to crawl into the back of your bed again. We have a wide range of slides including T Slides, Gear Slides, Narrow Slides and Central Slides, all of which have a 75% extension. If you are transporting the heaviest of loads, there is no need to remove the system as the slides provide a 800kg load capacity when closed and a 400kg load capacity when extended. A Gearmate Slide will ensure you can access your gear safely and securely with ease.

Security features include a hand-operated locking lever with 4 incremental locking positions between closed and fully extended. Re-positionable eye bolts connecting to both extrusion rails, ensure your load can be fully secured.

 Maximise potential with Ford Ranger Accessories

Can’t decide if you want drawers, a gear slide, or racking? Don’t compromise when you can have it all! By combining various storage accessories, you’re getting the maximum potential out of your vehicle at all times. Our range of accessories includes Narrow Slides, Racking, Dog Boxes, Hammocks, and much more!