Gear Combination

The Gearmate Combination system gives the user maximum versatility. Working with all Gear Drawer systems, the Gearslide-deck delivers maximum load space utilisation for optimum access.

The Gearslide-deck is compatible with all Gear Drawer systems. It gives you the maximum access to your load space with 100% extension, whilst also keeping special items secure in the drawers beneath.

The Gearslide-deck has a 150kg capacity when fully extended, and 400kg capacity when closed. The Gearslide-deck features 2 Locking positions for security, with added safety release catch to open and close.

This system gives you the best of both worlds. Keeping your items secure below, and with space for bulkier items on top.

Complete the system by adding the Gearmate infil-pods to maximise the storage potential of your load space.

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